2015… A Year In (Photo) Review

As I grow older I definitely feel like time passes more quickly. Looking back at some of the photo highlights from 2015, it is hard to believe how much takes place in just a year. I feel very fortunate to have travelled for both fun and for work, visited numerous family members and friends, and celebrated countless weddings, babies and birthdays. To top it all off, Casey and I officially jumped into the adoption process and launched KNIT FOR BABY. It has been an emotional journey so far and we remain hopeful that 2016 will bring us our bundle of joy. And while I say this time and time again, THANK YOU so much for your support. I think about what an amazing family our baby will be surrounded by knowing that all of you have become a part of our family. Every single word of encouragement, each positive thought, every contribution, all of the hugs and listening ears have brought us that much closer to realizing our dream of adopting children. So without further ado, I present 2015 in photos (starting with three fuel stops in Canada):



In lieu of a Christmas card, Casey and I recorded three songs this past month at our brother Roman's recording studio (Mirrortone) in NYC . We hope this can return as an annual tradition (we did this previously in '09 & '10)! 


We hope you have a Healthy, prosperous and 


 - David & Casey -