Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

I will be completely honest - most days are great days. I am constantly thinking about fatherhood and everything I look forward to sharing with our kids. But every once in awhile something or someone will trigger my emotions. There is nothing wrong with a good cry, right? Well, about a month ago I had one of those sad days and wrote the following:

There will come a day when a little boy or girl will get to call me dad. I will get to hold him/her in my arms and simply stare into his/her innocent little eyes, temporarily forgetting any of my current worries. When that day comes I will fully comprehend the worth of enduring the emotionally charged adoption process. The "game" will finally be over, that is until we decide to take a chance, "advance to go" and start all over again. 
We recently received an update from one of our adoption agencies informing us that our profile had been shown to a potential birthmother due in March. Unfortunately she was not open to the idea of a same sex couple raising her baby. I was initially pretty disappointed by the news. My "gayness" hasn't really been a factor in a long time. I have grown refreshingly accustomed to living my life without having to hide any aspect of who I am as a person.
I am absolutely confident in my abilities to be a dad. I believe that parenting will also come very naturally to Casey. Together we form an incredible team with both shared and individual strengths. I know that we will do everything in our power to make sure our kids grow up surrounded by love and opportunity. Sadly, not every birthmother will connect to our story. We will get overlooked for the "traditional" couple. We will be judged based on being two men rather than any of our other attributes or characteristics. While this might seem completely unfair, I am strangely okay with it. I want the birthmother who chooses us to be excited to pick us. I want her to have complete confidence in the decision she is making. The right birthmother will recognize everything we have to offer and a match will be made. As I have said before, it is a matter of when and not if.

With that day now in the past, I am very hopeful that 2016 will be our year. Possibilities are always just around the corner. We ask that you continue to send positive energy and vibes our way. There is no doubt in my mind that our children will be surrounded by an endless amount of love. Thank you for being a part of our journey and growing family. 

Be safe and stay warm,

David (& Casey)

A few pictures from January: family dinner, the Duomo in Milan, the view from my office, and of course tons of SNOW!