All we have ever wanted is what every other parent has wanted for their child and that is to be happy.
— John B. Dunn



Airplanes and Operas

by casey molino dunn

2,730 miles separated our childhoods … 

… and even though we grew up on opposite coasts, we had many similar interests and experiences. My family can attest to my fascination with all things related to aviation. I collected route maps, memorized airport codes and could even tell you where the planes were heading as they soared above my family's home in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania. At the same time, David was studying the Sunday travel section of the Los Angeles Times, sketching airline logos and dreaming of a life in the sky. He would ultimately see his vision to fruition and become a flight attendant.

Music also filled both of our young lives. Apart from excessive studying, I was often found at my grandmother's piano, singing and playing anything from my own improvisations to musical theater and standards. I loved creating grand "productions" for family gatherings and always tried to enlist my brother and cousins to participate. It was very clear that I would pursue a career in music. All the while, David grew up singing in school and church, always surprising people with his big voice. Ultimately we both graduated with degrees in music but only I would continue along this path. 

So perhaps part of our initial attraction to one another was the void the other filled. I was living out my dream as a professional musician and David was exploring the world one flight at a time. Yet something was missing. We both wanted to find someone to love and with whom we could share our life. Thanks to we found each other and instantly connected over our similarities and ambitions for the future. Our first date led to many more… Airplanes and operas filled our life together.

Family and friends always played an important part in the success of our relationship. We were very fortunate to have their support and love as we exchanged our wedding vows. Almost three years have passed since our wedding and we are ready and eager to grow our family. Even though we are both nervous about what lies ahead, we are reassured by the strengths and abilities we possess as a couple. There is probably nothing more intimidating and or more rewarding than raising children. We are absolutely thrilled to embark on this journey together and we cannot wait to take our kids to their first opera and on their first airplane ride.