Thankful From A to Z...

A is for Adele - I have been a fan since the very beginning. Her music may not be for everyone (although I think it should be), but you cannot deny that she is very talented. I feel like she and I would really hit it off and be good friends if the opportunity were to present itself. I love how she remains grounded and humble despite her immense success. 

B is for Baking - Tis the season for baking! I learned from Aunt Lu that baking is the preferred method to warming up the house on a cold morning. I am also married to a man who cannot resist a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

C is for Casey - I am so lucky to be married to such an incredibly talented and loving man. He is going to be an amazing father to our children.

D is for Dads - There is a long list of dads that I have looked up to and admired over the years. Many have set wonderful examples for me as I get ready to join the club. Even though I have not always seen eye to eye with my own dad, he has equipped me with such a strong work ethic and excellent values to live by.

E is for Encouragement - The adoption process has been extremely emotional and trying at times. The encouraging words that we have received from so many of you have helped us to not give up!

F is for Flight Attendant - I am so thankful for my career as a flight attendant. I love my job and the daily interactions I have with my passengers and fellow crew members. Having dinner in Rome and Paris is most definitely a perk I am thankful for.

G is for Generosity - In addition to the past auction winners, a number of people have made very generous contributions to our adoption journey. We are so incredibly thankful for these unexpected givings.

H is for Humor - Humor has become so important to me with all of the crazy emotions that come along with the adoption process. A good laugh goes a long way to re-energizing our spirits.

I is for Ice Cream - Everyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love ice cream. Fun Fact: My family owned and operated an ice cream shop for 10 years. I worked there from the age of 12 until I headed off to college. I will eat eat ice cream anytime, anywhere and in all weather conditions.

J is for Jury Duty - I recently spent two weeks serving on a jury. It was such an interesting and fulfilling experience. So many people automatically try and get out of jury duty, but I would highly recommend everyone try and serve at least once. I have to admit I learned a lot from the experience and was also able to accomplish a lot of knitting during the breaks!

K is for Knitting - When I learned how to knit back in 2002, I never imagined that someday I would be designing original pieces to support our pursuit of fatherhood. It is also a great stress reliever!

L is for Love - Love is so powerful and comes in so many different forms. At the end of the day, all you need is love!

M is for Moms - I have accumulated multiple moms over the years in addition to my own mother. I am thankful that our kids will be surrounded by many wonderful female influences and role models. Even though we have yet to meet, I am already grateful to the mom who one day chooses us to adopt her baby.

N is for Newborns - Casey and I had the pleasure of meeting newborn baby Emma on Thanksgiving Day. Our hearts melted instantly. Her tiny little features were so distinct and beautiful. We cannot wait for the day we officially become dads. 

O is for Opportunity - There have been so many positive changes in just the past few years. The fight for equality is continually making progress and the amount of opportunities are growing especially in the realm adopting as a same-sex couple.

P is for Puppies and Parades - Yes, you read that correctly! I am positive that at least a handful of you woke up on Thanksgiving morning to watch the parade followed by the Purina National Dog Show. Smiles all around!

Q is for Quoatable - I have long been a huge fan of this company and their wide range of greeting cards (and other various gift items) featuring words of inspiration. Most of the time I enjoy making my own cards and stationary, but every now and then I can't resist a Quoatable card.

R is for Rest & Relaxation - No further explanation necessary, right?

S is for Seasons - Having grown up in Los Angeles, I never really experienced all four seasons. There is something so special about seeing the leaves gradually change colors and watching the snow fall from the sky.

T is for Technology - I am constantly amazed by all of the new technology that comes out advancing and enhancing our way of living. KNIT FOR BABY would not have been possible without the help of technology.

U is for USA - Most of you know that I was adopted as a young baby from Taiwan. Most of the time I took my upbringing in California for granted - but when I sit back and reflect, I am so very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given having grown up in the USA.

V is for Verity - Our beautiful goddaughter was the original inspiration that got me to start designing kids clothing. Even though I had been knitting for many years, I never really attempted to create my own patterns or make anything beyond scarves, hats and blankets. 

W is for Weddings - I LOVE Weddings! I love how weddings bring together all of your closest family and friends from so many different parts and times of your life. It is a unique gathering of people that will not likely ever be assembled together ever again. My sister recently got engaged and I cannot wait to celebrate her wedding.

X is for X-Men - This was my favorite cartoon growing up. Without delving too deep, there are so many parallels that can be drawn between the X-Men and the obstacles faced by the LGBT community. I remember relating to their challenges of being different. It might sound a bit strange, but I am thankful that a cartoon about mutants empowered me to be strong and embrace my unique traits and abilities.

Y is for Youth Group - I never thought, after struggling with organized religion over the years, that I would ever find myself leading a church youth group with my husband. As much as we are suppose to be the ones guiding these kids into adulthood, we too have benefited from their positive energy and spirits. It has been really rewarding to watch them each grow into their own skins as individuals.

Z is for Zoos - Casey and I have most certainly bonded over our love for children but we also adore animals as well. Our travels have taken us to numerous, aquariums and zoos over the years - places we cannot wait to take our own kids to someday.

Please help us spread the word that The Winter Collection Auction is going on right now and will close this Thursday, December 3rd at 10pm EST. The collection features some of my best creations to date and all of the funds we raise will continue to support our adoption journey. We are waiting patiently and are looking forward to all that is ahead. Feel free to SHARE, LIKE & COMMENT down below. Thank you so much!