Halfway over the ocean and some coming attractions...

– a post by Casey – 

Wow and Yay!
Our inaugural auction was a big success. I started putting together this post soon after the close of bidding and since then a big smile has remained on my face.

THANK YOU to all who explored The Debut Collection, especially the numerous folks who bid and also contributed in other ways! The support from so many family and friends – including new friends that we’ve met through this adventure – means so much to us.

As you know, adoption is an involved process… and KNIT FOR BABY is a related labor of love, one that David has so beautifully spearheaded. He and I met six and a half years ago; before November 2008 I never thought that I’d marry a one-man knitting machine. I’m trying to savor every moment especially as we make strides – some big, others smaller – on both the adoption and the unique undertaking that has become KNIT FOR BABY

Like many, I too have found myself staring at David’s beautiful knit creations and have been inspired…and not just because he’s my husband. As others have noted, he creates such finely crafted outfits that exquisitely couple refined details with playful elements. And just a little of my admiration is due to the fact that I wish my knitting skills (and also my cooking skills) were even half as strong as David’s. But I’ll save some more about that for another post.

I don’t want to border on getting too gushy, but I consider myself very lucky to see every outfit come together. That too is something that we hope to highlight more as we prepare for the next collection, which is set to debut in just under three months, on Friday, August 21. I can share that some exciting outfit brainstorming has already commenced. A few details are forthcoming. And based on the helpful feedback we’ve received during the first auction, we’re looking at some possibilities for the second that may create more opportunities for folks (including international shipping options, and perhaps a limited number of immediate purchase sales).

Though this is my first blog post, as David has mentioned, I’ve been involved a bit behind the scenes with KNIT FOR BABY. And, because of David’s work travel schedule, I’m the one “holding down” headquarters for just a little. So this seemed like the perfect time to share some musings, especially since my duties as temporary head of the mailroom are about to begin. (The Debut Collection will ship in the next day.)

As you can probably imagine, it has been a busy and indeed spirited time for us. Throughout the past ten days of bidding David and I have been keeping our eyes on each of the almost 300 bids that came in. David was “half way over the ocean” on a work trip when the auction closed, so we had a flurry of emails and text messages when he landed in Ireland.

David's recent work flight (at the end of the inaugural auction).

David's recent work flight (at the end of the inaugural auction).

I wish I could be with him, especially given the recent, wonderful news about Ireland’s vote for marriage equality; interestingly the vote happened one day after the anniversary of Harvey Milk’s birthday. However, earlier this weekend we were able to briefly celebrate that news together as well as reflect on Memorial Day and some serendipitous timing. So many battled not just for freedom and liberty but to make our country and world a better place. As we move ahead with the adoption process, we’ll be thinking about some family members whose service has helped make the world a better place for us.

Happy Memorial Day!

We’re looking forward to sharing more soon.