When I Say Apple…

… do you think fruit or phone? Technology… some people love it, and some people hate it. It is easy to see how technology has improved the world today, but it is also apparent how technology has enabled individuals to impose a negative impact. We have become a society dependent on electronic devices, our heads constantly buried in phones, tablets and computers. Text messaging has allowed us to hold full conversations, even though it would be easier to just pick up the phone and call. Sometimes I wonder how future generations will fair in terms of social skills. Kids and adults alike get so wrapped up in what's happening on a screen that they hardly notice when someone is trying to get their attention. Casey and I recently started discussing what age we might equip our future children with mobile phones. It will definitely depend on the circumstances, but a part of us would like to wait as long as possible. I was a sophomore in college when I got my first cell phone. How did I manage to survive before that? Casey and I have both fallen victim to relying on our devices, although in some ways they have become necessary for work. Even so, there are instances in which we could benefit from disconnecting every now and then. 

I must give credit to technology for offering Casey and me multiple ways of staying in touch. Whether it be FaceTime, Skype or email, we are able to stay connected like never before. This will definitely prove useful once we adopt children, allowing me to interact with our kids even when we could be separated by an entire ocean. Multiple people have inquired how my job as a flight attendant will affect my role as a parent. With the help of constantly improving technology, in addition to a flexible schedule, I only see my profession as having a positive impact on our kids lives. They will have the opportunity to see the world and learn about so many different cultures. My goal is to be home as much as possible, but haven't you also heard, distance makes the heart grow fonder! I definitely miss Casey when I am traveling yet certainly appreciate our time when we are together.

NYC and Dublin, Ireland in the same photo thanks to FaceTime.

I just returned to New Jersey from Tel Aviv, Israel this morning at 4am, and in just a few hours I will be catching a flight (as a passenger) to Los Angeles. Today is my dads's 75th birthday and I will be surprising both of my parents at dinner tonight (lets's hope today is not the day they decide to become blog readers). My parents are probably the least materialistic people I know, and it has been many years since we exchanged presents for any occasion. What do you give people who live very simply and say they have everything they need? Answer: You fly halfway around the world just to have dinner with them… SURPRISE! Happy Birthday & Happy Mother's Day! I feel extremely fortunate to work for an airline that allows me to make last minute travel plans at no cost. I will only be in California for less than 24 hours before returning to the east coast to see Casey perform the role of Papageno in The Magic Flute. He has been working very diligently on this opera and I am really looking forward to seeing his efforts pay off.

My dad as a young boy in San Francisco, California.

The first auction is only 9 days away (5-15-15)! On Monday, I will be revealing photos of the collection. I have poured my heart into this debut and really hope that all of you love the one-of-a-kind designs. Everyday, Casey and I get one step closer to making our dream of adopting kids a reality. Please continue to share our story with your friends and family. We are so thankful for all of your support!

David & (Casey)